The 6 best cat litter boxes in 2021


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Cats have very specific preferences when it comes to litter boxes. So do their guardians. The key is finding one that satisfies both simultaneously.

Over the last two years, we’ve tested 26 different litter boxes to do just that. We also spoke to veterinarians and cat behaviorists for advice on what to look for in a litter box.

Our search for the best litter boxes has taken us from the simplest to the most technologically advanced models. We have selected the best basic, easy-to-use litter boxes with enough space to satisfy large breeds like Maine coon cats or multiple cat households.

We’ve also chosen a design-forward top-entry litter box for cats that prefer to urinate against the side of a pan or aggressively kick their litter, a sturdy and reliable disposable litter box for travel, and a self-cleaning model that won’t intimidate skittish cats.

The best cat litter boxes in 2021

Best litter box overall: Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Litter Box, $28.05 on Chewy
The versatile Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Litter Box is spacious, affordable, and easy to modify for sensitive cats.

Best litter box for large cats: Smart Cat Ultimate Litter Box, $18.79 on Chewy (temporarily out of stock)
The spacious Smart Cat Ultimate Litter Box helps prevent litter scatter and is easy to clean.

Best top-entry litter box: Modkat XL Litter Box, $127.49 on Amazon
The modern Modkat XL Litter Box has top and front entries and a unique folding lid for easy cleaning.

Best self-cleaning litter box: Petsafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box, $149.95 at Chewy
Simply designed for cat comfort, the Petsafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box removes solid waste so you don’t have to.

Best litter box for multiple cats: Sterilite 41-quart Storage Box, $10.98 at Walmart
Though not traditionally marketed as a litter box, the Sterilite 41-quart Storage Box offers expert-recommended size and simplicity at an affordable price.

Best disposable litter box: Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box, $8.99 at Chewy
Made from recycled paper and infused with baking soda, Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box holds up against leaks and odors for 30 days.

Best litter box overall


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