Meet a single mom who transformed her life through a guaranteed income program that gives her $1,800 every 3 months. It helped her get a car, a new job, and move into a better neighborhood for her daughter.


The Compton Pledge is the largest city-based guaranteed income program in the United States.

Christine, a woman from Compton, California, gets $1,800 every three months through a basic income program.
The guaranteed income program is the largest one in the country, and helps 800 low-income families like Christine’s.
She told Insider it helped her get a car, a job, rebuild her credit, move into a new neighborhood, and get her kids into childcare.

Christine and her daughter both got COVID in January. It was bad timing.

The 45-year-old native of Compton, California, told Insider that her five-year-old had a preexisting respiratory illness, and the risks were just too high. She had to take an indefinite medical leave from her job as a bus driver for the LA Metro. That also meant school wasn’t an option for her daughter. 

“I was going through this time when I had no money, we were stuck at home, and I couldn’t pay any bills,” Christine told Insider, asking that her last name be withheld for privacy reasons. “And I still hadn’t received an unemployment check.” 

But in January 2021, Christine got an email that changed everything. It was from something called the Compton Pledge and it said that the city would send her $1,800 every three months, no strings attached. She remembered that while seeking treatment for drug addiction years earlier, she had put her name down on an email list, but she had no idea it would be for Compton’s version of a universal basic income. 

“I asked my pastor, ‘is this real?'” she said. “And he said it was legitimate.”  

The Compton Pledge, an initiative from the Compton mayor’s office, is the largest city-based guaranteed income program in the US. The group has dispersed $4 million in funding so far, out of the $9.2 million they’ve raised. Currently, they’re supporting 800 low-income households in Compton through a lottery program, each of which will receive funds for two years. 

“I was finally able to pay rent and have money in my pocket for necessities,” Christine said. “It was such a blessing.”

After years of economic need, some relief

Long before she got COVID, Christine needed economic assistance. After a boyfriend was killed in a drive-by shooting, she struggled with drug addiction and long hours working as a waitress. She started seeing a man who cooked meth, and became hooked on it herself. She got pregnant and had a son. 

Christine got clean, and remained that …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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