Amelia Hamlin Dons Lingerie, Gushes Over Scott Disick: He’s My Whole Heart!


Amelia Hamlin Poses in a Magenta Top

There comes an age when pampering your girlfriend on her 20th birthday stops being sweet and starts being creepy.

It’s hard to say precisely what that age is, but according to many, it’s somewhere before you turn 38.

Despite that eye-catching age gap, Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin are going strong.

Amelia is showing the world just how hot she is … and how head over heels she is for her much-older boyfriend.

This week, Amelia Gray Hamlin took to her Instagram Stories to gush about Scott Disick.

She shared a candid photo of her looking cute and Scott looking like a douche from August of 2000.

Seriously, all that was missing were the pooka shell necklace.

Amelia notably added no real caption, just a simple emoji: a red heard, wreathed in flames.

While a literal interpretation would be the worst imaginable case of heartburn, that was clearly not her meaning.

Instead, Amelia was using the emoji to express her overpowering emotions in the context of the cozy couples photo.

That snap, shared to her Stories, was only part of Amelia’s recent photographic gift to followers.

She recently shared multiple photos of herself in a long-sleeved magenta crop top.

Underneath the crop top, she wore nothing but barely-there mulberry lingerie.

The lingerie is genuinely beautiful and the crop top is intriguing.

But the lingerie itself is not what makes Amelia’s photos so eye-popping.

Her spectacular body, as befits a professional young model, is out of this world.

Amelia also shared some recent snaps of herself out and about late in the day.

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Wearing a vivid yellow-green dress and some stark brown boots, it was a simple outfit.

But on Amelia, almost anything looks fashionable, even if the color scheme screams “moss on a log.”

A dress the color of Oscar the Grouch’s pelt might not be flattering on everyone.

But Amelia is a stunning beauty in — or out — of anything.

And yes, those good looks work from any angle, and Amelia is clearly aware.

Obviously, everyone has discussed the age gap between Amelia and Scott.

She is not his first much-much-much younger model girlfriend.

But with each passing year, Scott finding a new 19-year-old hottie gets one year creepier, you know?

However, reports insist that the two of them do not “notice” the age gap.

Scott has made self-deprecating jokes indicating that he does so well with young, hot models because of his maturity level.

While that may be true in part, many still …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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