The 4 best clothes hangers in 2021


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Without high-quality hangers, you’ll find organizing a messy closet to be a daunting task. 
Great hangers also help keep expensive clothing and accessories in great shape.
We found the best hangers for a range of uses, including for pants, coats, ties, and even kids.

Hangers come in all shapes, sizes, types, and materials. It can be hard to know which ones are best for your clothes and your closet. One thing is for sure, though — cheap, thin, flimsy wire and plastic hangers are not the answer. Sturdy, well-made wooden hangers are best, though velvet and padded ones are also very good. We’ve chosen wooden hangers for our picks because they last the longest and look the nicest.

While there are many wonderful high-end hangers made of fine wood and other materials, these hangers are rather expensive, and not really necessary. We recommend more mid-range or budget picks that work just as well.

We’ve also included a range of hangers from special ones that are made for hanging pants and skirts without creases to hangers made for children specifically to a tie rack that can hold ties, scarves, or belts easily.

Here are the best hangers:

Best overall: Ikea BUMERANG Hanger
Best hangers for pants and skirts: Natural Wooden Trouser Clamp & Skirt Hanger
Best hangers for coats and suits: Superior Natural Wooden Hangers
Best hangers for kids: Honey-Can-Do Kids Wood Shirt Hangers With Metal Clips
Best hangers for ties, belts, and scarves: Woodlore Cedar 42-Peg Tie Hanger

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Updated 04/08/2021: We’re currently rewriting this guide to include new hanger picks after testing and expert consultation. Our previous pick for best velvet hanger, the Joy Mangano Huggable Hanger has been discontinued. We also added a new category of best overall hanger to this guide. 

The best overall

The Ikea BUMERANG Hangers are made of high-quality wood and are both affordable and durable.

Pros: Affordable price, made of sustainable wood, great for hanging knitwear and delicate blouses

Cons: May take some time to arrive due to Ikea’s pandemic-related delays

Finding a hanger that you can use consistently with multiple types of clothing can be …read more

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