Amazon logistics salaries revealed: Here’s what workers bulking out Amazon’s supply chain make, from entry-level analysts to senior management


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Increasingly, Amazon is just as much of a logistics company as it is a retailer. The company has been rapidly building an enormous fleet of vehicles and warehouses to rival logistics giants like UPS and FedEx. It added three times more square footage in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to one estimate. 

Likewise, Amazon is becoming a major magnet for logistics talent. Amazon alumni go on to run logistics at other retailers. The founder of Amazon Air went on to launch his own logistics startup. And in the case of former Amazon warehouse manager Dave Clark, sometimes they even rise to run the entire company.

With $44 billion in logistics spending just in 2020, the pace of growth leads to a dynamic workplace, according to Amazon’s job listings. The company says senior operations engineers for Amazon Logistics need to be ready to “deal with ambiguity.” Another calls the environment, “fast-paced and rapidly changing.”

Insider analyzed the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification’s 2020 disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers to see how much Amazon paid employees for transportation and logistics roles. US companies report how much base compensation workers are offered when filing paperwork for H-1B visas on behalf of current or prospective foreign workers. 

From analyst to senior manager, here are the annual salaries and qualifications for jobs managing Amazon’s transportation and logistics. 

Directors and managers in transportation, distribution, and operations 

Director, operations: $160,000 – $177,322
Director, regional operations: $160,000
Regional senior operations manager: $167,800 – $167,800
General manager, operations: $153,900 – $160,000
Senior manager, operations: $130,680 – $182,300
Manager II, operations: $86,100
Manager III, operations: $110,500 – $170,000
Manager III, operations engineering: $128,000 – $140,300
Senior program manager, transportation: $150,000
Site manager, operations: $136,100 – $151,600
Senior operations manager, capacity planning: $131,300 – $144,430

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Engineers in logistics and transportation

Operations engineer I: $66,700 – $85,000
Operations engineer II: $81,795 – $120,000
Operations engineer III: $107,000 – $130,000
Technical operations engineer I: $100,000 – $110,000
Technical operations engineer II: $123,500 – $130,000

Coordinators and analysts in logistics and transportation 

Procurement operations analyst: $85,000
Transportation analyst: $61,006
Logistics coordinator IV: $56,992

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