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Tablets are one of the best sources of entertainment for kids, and more importantly, give access to innumerable educational apps and resources.
Tablets for kids don’t have to be expensive or top-of-the-line. They simply need a decent screen, serviceable performance, parental controls, and a good case for protection.
With a large, bright display, and the best choice of apps and games, the 10.2-inch Apple iPad is the best tablet for kids in our book. But, you’ll have to buy a case separately.

Tablets for kids are the same basic thing as regular tablets — they’re portable, they play movies and TV shows, run apps and games, and they’re a window into the connected world. In fact, they’re often simply “kid-ified” versions of existing tablets.

There are two essential things that “kid-ify” a tablet. Those include an effective case to protect against knocks and drops, and parental controls. Optionally, some tablets have colorful and kid-oriented user modes that are easier for kids and prevent them from accessing sensitive settings. 

Some tablet makers have their own optional subscription services for curated kid content that come with monthly costs, which are usually pretty low. Those are “easy buttons” that help you find and access age-appropriate content, as well as offering more robust parental controls. These subscription services are optional on most tablets, but pretty essential on some to make the most of the tablet, especially Amazon’s tablets. There’s plenty of kid content, apps, games, and educational apps available on the iOS and Google Play Store.

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The tablets we’re recommending below are mostly designed for kids as young as toddlers up to around 12 years old, and with Apple’s iPads being suitable for anyone of any age.

Here are the best tablets for kids:

Best tablet for kids: Apple 10.2-inch iPad

Best small tablet for kids: Apple iPad Mini

Best Android tablet for kids: Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Best value tablet for kids: Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Best small value tablet for kids: Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Best tablet for very young kids: Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Updated on 01/12/2021 by Antonio Villas-Boas: Updated picks for best Android tablet for kids, updated entries to reflect newer models where relevant.

The best tablet for kids

The 10.2-inch iPad …read more

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