Vaughn Palmer: Who gets vaccine first? Dr. Henry warns of premature excitement


Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry says

VICTORIA — Amid the most discouraging COVID-19 case counts of the year, Premier John Horgan tried to look on the bright side Wednesday by touting the promise of COVID-19 vaccines.

“Vaccine breakthroughs are very encouraging and when the vaccines are ready B.C. will be ready,” the premier told reporters in only his second press conference in the three weeks since the election.

“We can see the finish line,” continued Horgan, caught up in the metaphor. “We can see some hope at the end of what has been a very, very difficult tunnel … when we hope that vaccines will be rolling out in sufficient amounts that B.C.ers can return to some type of normal.”

Lest anyone miss the message, he repeated it a half dozen or so times: “When the vaccines are ready, B.C. will be ready to distribute it.”

But who will be first in line to receive? The question was put earlier this …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Politics

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