Trump’s kids are said to be split over whether he should concede, with Ivanka looking for an off-ramp while Eric and Don Jr. want to fight to the end


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President Donald Trump’s children are split on whether the president should concede the presidential election soon or keep fighting, CNN reported.

The conflicting advice comes as Trump continues to baselessly challenge the results that saw him lose to Democratic challenger Joe Biden, now the President-elect.

Citing unnamed sources, CNN said that Ivanka Trump — his eldest daughter and a White House advisor — thinks that Trump should formally concede the election after the recount in Georgia is completed.

Her husband Jared Kusher was said to share that view.

But, per CNN, his adult sons Don Jr. and Eric, think Trump should keep fighting.

Trump’s three oldest children have been among his closest allies as president, acting as his advisors and surrogates at rallies and continuing his family business dealings.

And Don Jr. in particular has echoed and pushed forward Trump’s claims, including those that Trump has shared with no evidence.

A source told CNN that Ivanka has approached her father, worried that a drawn-out fight would further harm his reputation and his businesses.

Another source said that she and Kushner want Trump to let his existing legal challenges play out and concede after the Georgia recount, which has a deadline of November 20 to be complete.

Kusher, who is also a Trump advisor, had already approached Trump about conceding, CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins reported earlier this month.

In contrast, Don Jr. and Eric want Trump to keep fighting past the recount.

The report comes after others reports of a split among those close to Trump about what the president should do. CNN also reported earlier this month that First Lady Melania Trump had also told Trump to concede.

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Trump’s eldest sons have shared theories that support their father’s on Twitter.

Don Jr. tweeted on November 8: “We went from 4 years of Russia rigged the election, to elections can’t be rigged really fast didn’t we???”

And Eric Trump has shared unproven and disproven claims about issues with ballots, as well as sharing tweets from his father and brother.

A White House spokesperson and a spokesperson for Don Jr. declined to comment to CNN.

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Trump has so far refused to concede the election, instead promoting baseless theories of voter fraud and claiming he win through recounts and legal challenges.

His …read more

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