An ex-Wall Street chief strategist lambasts 3 ‘nonsensical narratives’ he says are pushing stocks to dangerous heights — and warns that the current rally is unsustainable


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Despite ongoing uncertainty on a number of fronts — and a sharp September sell-off — markets seem to have found their stride in October.

For example, markets had long feared the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency because of the former vice president’s plans for increased taxes and the fundamental threat his party poses to a number of industries, like energy and health insurance.

But that narrative seems to have changed in recent weeks.

Investment banks like Goldman Sachs, UBS and Barclays have all published notes touting the boost to markets a Biden presidency would bring — one reason being the heightened likelihood of a more robust stimulus package being passed under Democratic leadership than is likely with Republicans in power.

Secondly, there seems to be some renewed faith in the strength of the economic recovery.

“Our economists believe there is enough momentum in the recovery to keep the US economy on pace to return to pre-Covid (4Q19) levels of real GDP by the middle of next year,” Morgan Stanley’s chief US equity strategist Mike Wilson said in a recent note. “Bottom line, a near term fiscal deal would be nice insurance but not necessary for economic recovery to continue.”

With this in mind, Wilson added that investors should begin looking to small-cap and cyclical stocks.

For the seemingly many optimists on Wall Street in the past few weeks, all is going swimmingly.

For Peter Cecchini, on the other hand, all of it is nonsense.

“Sometimes, markets rally on the flimsiest of narratives,” the chief strategist at AlphaOmega Advisors and former global chief market strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald said in a recent note. “How durable are the current narratives? Not very.”

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He added: “Rallies based on nonsensical narratives are often relatively short-lived.”

Cecchini is bearish on the market’s upward path, and warns that it is being driven by three “nonsense narratives” in particular. He unpacks each below.

(1) The Biden narrative

First, Cecchini is bearish on the narrative that Biden being elected will benefit markets. Cecchini said the tax implications of a larger stimulus package — and Biden’s plan to increase corporate taxes by at least 7% — will outweigh the economic benefits of fiscal support that markets have become so exuberant about.

“Irrespective of party, the next several Presidents will likely raise taxes to attempt to close the budget gap. U.S. debt-to-GDP is now over 130%. However, corporate taxes will likely rise more under Biden …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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