McDonald’s wants employees to know Travis Scott’s catchphrases, as TikTok is flooded with videos of customers ordering by blasting ‘Sicko Mode’


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McDonald’s customers are eager to get their hands on the Travis Scott Meal. That excitement is prompting some to blast the rapper’s music at the drive-thru window, instead of simply placing their orders.

Videos of customers ordering the Travis Scott Meal are exploding on social media.

In one representative TikTok, a customer drives up to McDonald’s. When the drive-thru employee asks how she can help him, the customer responds: “Let’s keep this short and sweet. I think you know why we’re here.”

The employee certainly does know, responding: “Travis Scott burger?”

The customer counters by beginning to play “Sicko Mode,” one of Scott’s most popular songs.


“travis scott BurgEr” @jimmypasta

♬ original sound – betch

This is just one of many similar videos in which McDonald’s customers order by blasting “Sicko Mode.”


Reply to @aideeleana Grandma approves of the Travis Scott Burger! 🍔 ##fyp ##foryou ##travisscott ##travisscottburger ##mcdonalds

♬ original sound – sandybepsycho


Travis Scotty ##burger ##mcdonalds ##travisscott

♬ TRAVVY PATTY – timarcum

Some employees seem to be getting a bit sick of the Travis Scott madness. In another TikTok video, a customer ordering at the drive-thru asks: “Do you have the Travis Scott Meal?”

The employee responds: “Are you going to blast music in my ear?”


No McDonald’s employees were harmed in the making of this ##QuickRecipes

♬ SiCkO mOdE has her apparently – brookegrenz

McDonald’s is making sure employees know how to respond when a customer blasts Scott’s music

On Tuesday, McDonald’s US CMO Morgan Flatley and Vicki Chancellor, the franchisee who is the head of McDonald’s Operator’s National Advertising Fund, sent out a memo on the popularity of the Travis Scott Meal viewed by Business Insider. In the memo, Flatley and Chancellor told franchisees — the independent operators who run 95% of the McDonald’s locations in the US — to “make sure crew knows how much …read more

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Source:: Business Insider

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