How to transfer screenshots from your Nintendo Switch to another device, so that you can edit or share them with others


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Being able to take pictures and screenshots on your game console isn’t new. Nearly every console made in the last 10 years has the feature.

But the Nintendo Switch makes taking screenshots as easy as it is on your phone — easier, in fact, as it has its own dedicated screenshot button. Press it once to take a screenshot, or hold it to take a video.

The only part of the process that isn’t intuitive, however, is transferring those screenshots from your Switch to another device. To do this, you’ll need either a microSD card and SD card reader, or a social media account.

Here’s how to transfer screenshots and videos from your Switch.

How to transfer screenshots from the Nintendo Switch using an SD card

While you have an SD card with free space on it inserted into your Switch, any screenshots you take should be saved to the card. Otherwise, they’ll be stored in your system memory.

This means that before you transfer your screenshots, you’ll need to make sure that the screenshots you want are saved in the right place.

To transfer all your screenshots to the SD card at once:

1. Open the System Settings menu. You can find it in the row of icons at the bottom of the homescreen.

2. In the list of options on the left side of the System Settings page, scroll down and select “Data Management.”

3. In the menu that appears, scroll down and select “Manage Screenshots and Videos.”

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4. When the new menu comes up, the option for Save Location will already be highlighted. Whatever it says next to it — “System Memory” or “microSD card” — is where screenshots are saved by default. You can select this option to change it.

5. To make sure all your photos are on the SD Card, scroll down to “System Memory” and press A. In the menu that opens, select “Copy All Screenshots And Videos to microSD Card.”

Once you’ve done that, a loading screen will appear to keep you updated on the process.

6. Once the loading screen disappears and all the files are transferred, turn your system off completely and remove the SD card.

Once you have, you can transfer the screenshots wherever you want them to go.

To transfer specific screenshots to the SD card:

1. Open your Switch’s photo album. It’s the option on your home screen that looks like a blue …read more

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