Trump is maiming US democracy


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“[The testing plan] just went poof into thin air,” — a member of Jared Kushner’s virus testing team, on how the administration abandoned a national testing plan after seeing that coronavirus was hitting blue states hardest.


The $600 federal unemployment benefit expires today. Congress is still arguing how to replace it, with Democrats this week rejecting the GOP’s $200/week interim proposal. Millions of Americans will lose 50-75% of their income. The White House has signaled it might be willing to give up on its liability-shield demand to get a new emergency spending bill passed.

Conservatives rejected President Trump’s suggest to delay the election. The co-founder of the Federalist Society called it fascistic. Mitch McConnell and other leading Republican senators said no way. The president has not let up on his attacks on vote by mail.

The NBA restarted inside its Florida bubble with no positive tests and lots of nods to social justice. Players could wear messages instead of their names on their jersey. The week-old MLB season, on the other hand, is already turning into a fiasco, with positive tests everywhere and cancellations rampant.

Anthony Fauci says goggles or other eye coverings may help prevent transmission. He suggests they might be recommended soon. We’re well on our way to full Fury Road.

Hurricane Isaias is tracking to hit the East Coast of Florida. It’s over the Caribbean, and will likely dump a lot of rain on Florida and the Carolinas in the next few days.

  Anthony Levandowski, the self-driving car engineer who sparked the massive Waymo v. Uber lawsuit, sentenced to 18 months in prison for trade secret theft (UBER, GOOG, GOOGL)


The election will not be delayed. But Trump is still torturing American democracy.

Donald Trump, whose selfishness is as long as the mighty Mississippi River and as deep as the Grand Canyon, will gladly maim American democracy to assuage his ego.

The election will not be delayed, thank god. His allies universally and brutally rejected that obscene idea. (“fascistic” — cofounder of the Federalist Society; “the single most anti-democratic statement any sitting president has ever made” —leading Trumpist intellectual; “Never in the history of the country….” — the top Senate Republican)

The election will not be delayed, but Trump will still cripple the credibility of the system to quiet his demons.

Trump’s delay-the-election tweet didn’t represent a strategy. Trump doesn’t play chess.

He plays …read more

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