I compared Budweiser’s new nonalcoholic beer with its original beer, and I’m baffled by why someone would drink nonalcoholic Budweiser


Bud Zero vs Budweiser 12

Yeah, ok. Nonalcoholic Budweiser? Who’s idea was that?
Well, too late. Anheuser-Busch apparently thought it was a good idea, and Bud Zero, a new nonalcoholic beer and Dwyane Wade collab, is now a thing.
But is it a good thing? I compared Bud Zero against its burly older brother, Budweiser, to see if I could figure out if nonalcoholic beer could really be basically as satisfying as the boozy stuff.
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What’s the point of nonalcoholic beer?

That’s what I thought when I heard that Budweiser had launched a new nonalcoholic beer, Bud Zero, with former NBA star and champion of dads Dwyane Wade. Bud Zero contains 50 calories, no sugar, and, as you may have guessed, zero alcohol.

Wade told me that Bud Zero was created for athletes and people who choose not to drink or are unable to drink for health reasons. That makes sense.

I, however, am none of those things. I’m lazy and I love my booze boozy, unless you are my boyfriend’s conservative Indian mother, in which case I never drink alcohol, work very hard all the time, and am open to praying at both Buddhist and Hindu temples.

For the rest of you, I spent my Wednesday afternoon pouring libations at the temple of consumerism and comparing Bud Zero to its much older sibling, the original Budweiser beer. Here’s why I’m still not quite a Bud-liever.

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“Irene, you’re a snob” — my friends, family, and everyone who knows me. This is correct. I like my beer like I like my story plots: crafty and not mass-produced.

So let’s start off this taste test with the understanding that I’m not a huge Budweiser drinker to start with. Never have been, never will be, unless it’s the last beer on earth.

And at this rate, it just might be! The pandemic is much more likely to annihilate small and independent brewers than it is the big ones, who have a much wider, bigger, deeper, and cushier financial safety net.

Oh, the good old head. I hope you like this foamy glam shot, because I wasn’t able to …read more

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