My husband and I drove through 18 states in 4 days with our 2-year-old to relocate from California to Maine — we came into contact with just 10 people and spent $852


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Mary Kearl is a professional writer and digital marketer who spends time traveling the world with her husband and young child.
In mid June, Kearl and her husband decided to leave California and set out for her parent’s house in Maine to be together to wait out the coronavirus pandemic.
Over four days, they drove 3,190 miles across 18 different states, only stopping for gas, food, and hotels, and were careful to stay safe and avoid close contact with strangers.
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Like nearly everyone else on the planet, I wasn’t prepared for the current global health crisis. At the start of the pandemic, I was so busy trying to absorb what was happening that I couldn’t imagine relocating in the midst of so much uncertainty.

And yet, 91 days after sheltering in place, that’s exactly what I, my husband, and our toddler set out to do — traveling 3,190 miles and 48 hours across the country.

The fact was, my family’s circumstances, like millions of others, changed dramatically between the start of the year and the spring.

My dad lost his job, and, with hiring freezes across the board, another one wasn’t likely to be in sight for some time. Up until losing his job, he was planning to help us be able to buy our first home by cosigning for our mortgage, since we as freelancers otherwise would otherwise have to show two years of income to apply for bank financing — and we only have one year to show. Instead, after losing his job, my parents ended up seeking relief for their own house payments and are now in mortgage deferment — with their monthly mortgage payments delayed until the fall.

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While we never intended to move during the middle of a pandemic, that’s ultimately what we ended up doing — putting our plans of buying a home in southern California on hold to wait out the uncertainty with my parents — and help them with some of their living expenses as they too wait out their own uncertainty.

Since I hadn’t ventured outside our neighborhood, let alone the state of California, since mid-March and had only been inside another building other than where we lived a total of five times over those three months — possible thanks to being a full-time freelancer — I had no idea what to expect.

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