Anna Duggar: I Will NOT Wind Up Like Michelle!


Anna Duggar and Her Whole Family

When a woman marries into the Duggar family, she does so with the knowledge that much will be expected of her.

Specifically, she’ll be expected to have babies — a lot of babies.

The Duggars believe procreation is a woman’s primary reason for being.

They also believe that its the sacred duty of every fundamentalist Christian to populate the planet with as many little fundies as possible.

This is the mentality that led to Michelle Duggar birthing an astonishing 19 children.

Anna Duggar was the first to enter into this contract with a member of the new generation — and we think it’s safe to say she got a bit of a raw deal.

Anna welcomed her sixth child back in November of 2019.

Needless to say, that’s some serious breeding.

But Anna recently made it very clear that she won’t be approaching Michelle numbers anytime soon.

The revelation came in the comments section of a post celebrating Anna’s recent birthday.

“It’s official, I’m 32! It’s been such a special day!” Anna captioned her latest photo set.

“This morning some of my sisters-in-love and I enjoyed some girls’ time out catching up over brunch, followed by a pedicure & fun time plant shopping!”

Obviously, Anna’s celebration options were somewhat limited due to the pandemic, but it sounds like she wouldn’t change a thing;

“Josh & I wrapped up the evening with a dinner date, reminiscing our engagement 12 years ago today (can you believe it’s been that long?!?!?!) and dreaming about the exciting things in store for our family in the near future,” she added.

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In the comments section, fans noted that Josh and Anna have been very active in their 12 years together.

But their math was a little off in comparing Anna to her mother-in-law.

“I guess Anna is following in Josh[‘s] mom[‘s] footsteps,” one follower wrote.

“Will have another 20 little Duggars!”

Fortunately, Anna was quick to set the record straight.

“Well, since my babies tend to be 2+ years apart, that would put me having babies in my 60s,” she replied. “

I don’t think that will happen. I’m loving the 6 littles God has given us! Each day is full of laughter, love, laundry, and a few random surprises!”

That’s a relief.

For one thing, Anna has enough on her plate raising six kids with minimal help.

On top of that, the idea of Josh Duggar raising 19 childen would be enough to keep us up nights.

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