Shortages of key goods during the coronavirus pandemic revealed America’s dangerous dependence on foreign countries.

US coronavirus factory

Shortages during the coronavirus pandemic show the danger of US companies reliance on supply chains in foreign countries.
To ensure that this issue does not become a threat to our economic or national security, Congress need to study just how much of a problem these interwoven supply chains could be.
Tim Ryan is a Democrat representing Ohio’s 13th congressional district in the US House. David McKinley is a Republican representing West Virginia’s 1st congressional district in the US House.
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Many Americans were shocked to find that the largest and most advanced economy on Earth was unable to find or produce enough face masks, ventilators, hand sanitizer, testing kits, hospital beds, sedatives, and other medical necessities in response to the COVID-19 crisis. But these supply chain limitations did not surprise those of us in Congress who have been sounding the alarm for many years about our nation’s dangerous dependence on foreign countries.

Without the development of a new national manufacturing strategy, the same forces that drove the United States to neglect our critical supply chains will continue to put our security at risk.

US companies depend on global suppliers too often

Recent shortages of medical supplies and equipment are just one example of the risks we face due to US reliance on other countries for making many of our critical products.

We rely on China and other countries to mine and process the rare earth materials that are essential to many high-technology products, including cell phones, satellites, and computers. We rely on Taiwan and other countries to build the most precise integrated circuits and microchips that are needed for complex electronics used in weapon systems, space systems, and a variety of consumer products.. We rely on Japan and Europe to develop the precision scientific equipment that will produce breakthroughs in nanotechnology, medicine, and future batteries for electric vehicles.

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While US manufacturers and domestic suppliers have substantial resources, some of our capabilities and expertise have fallen behind due to this reliance on the global supply chain.

Supply chain security and stability are necessary components of a prosperous manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector already contributes $2 trillion annually to the US economy. The sector also drives innovation, receiving more than 90% of new patents annually. US manufacturers are essential to ensuring our national defense and homeland security, as they provide the tools, equipment, systems, and protective gear …read more

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