My toddler and I read Slumberkins books together to navigate difficult topics like grief, family change, and conflict resolution — the companion stuffed animals that come with each book are a nice touch

REVIEW: Slumberkins Snuggler and Book

I want my daughter to know that it’s important to always be herself, but I need tools to help teach her that.
One of the tools I use is a book about authenticity that follows a unicorn who learns it’s OK to stand out.
The book is from the Slumberkins — they have bundles of books and stuffed animals that cover important and difficult topics like stress, family change, conflict resolution, and grief and loss.
My daughter enjoys reading the book along with the unicorn stuffed animal, even if she may not fully understand the book’s message just yet.
The stuffed animals are machine washable, and the board books are sturdy enough to resist damage.

Broaching difficult subjects with kids is well, difficult. When my Gram died when I was seven years old, I remember my mom and my school guidance counselor using books as one of their tools to help me.

Now that my daughter Ellie is 19 months old, I can already see how books are helping her through difficult situations — we have books that help her learn to sleep through the night, use the potty, and understand her emotions.

The Slumberkins Unicorn book is one such helpful book — in this case, it aims to teach Ellie to be true to herself. Slumberkins sent us a bundle to test; bundles include a super-soft stuffed animal paired with a book and an affirmation card.

Ellie’s bundle is called “Authenticity;” each set has a different theme that teaches an important lesson or covers a difficult topic like stress, family change, conflict resolution, or grief and loss.

The full list of Slumberkins topics:
Emotional well-being
Family change
Conflict resolution
Family bonding
Growth mindset
Grief and loss

The books are beautifully illustrated. Typically, I lean toward children’s books with bright colors and enticing illustrations, but Slumberkins hit the nail on the head with a muted and whimsical design that is more appropriate for serious topics.

Before I read Ellie’s book, I was afraid it would be boring for her or over her head, but she enjoys reading it — even if she doesn’t yet fully understand the message. It’s full of different animals for her to point to and name. Having a matching stuffed animal is fun for her, too.

Ellie’s book covers authenticity in a relatable way; it’s much more effective than me saying things like “it’s important …read more

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