A Gen Zer who contracted the coronavirus during his spring break says the White House’s response to the pandemic is one of the main reasons why people aren’t taking it seriously

Max Schulman

Max Schulman, a junior at Vanderbilt University, contracted the coronavirus while on spring break in Barcelona, Spain. He is now encouraging other spring breakers to start taking the virus seriously.
“The major thing that you can be doing to prevent the spread of this is social distancing, not going near anyone,” Schulman told Fox News.
His interview comes as hundreds of Gen Zers took to the beaches in recent weeks, despite warnings from officials that it could be dangerous as the coronavirus continues to spread.
“I am a senior and booked this trip months ago,” Gabby Porter, who was in Miami for spring break, told Business Insider. “Unfortunately, coronavirus is really serious and I understand the restrictions — it’s just really sad.”
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A spring breaker who contracted the coronavirus while on vacation in Spain has some advice for those looking to still hit the beaches during this pandemic: “Act like you already have coronavirus in order to prevent its spread.”

Max Schulman, a student at Vanderbilt University, contracted the virus while on vacation in Barcelona in early March, telling Fox News that “the spread wasn’t as extensive [then] as it is right now.” Still, he admitted that he wasn’t “taking the threat that seriously” during his spring break, and is now encouraging others to understand the danger of this virus.

“The major thing that you can be doing to prevent the spread of this is social distancing, not going near anyone,” he told Fox News. “I’m sort of an extreme case right now because I am totally quarantined, but you can spread this thing so easily just through a cough or sneeze or anything like that.”

Schulman began his two-week quarantine on March 8 at his parents’ house in New York with only mild symptoms. He told Business Insider that, as of March 22, his “initial quarantine period” was finished. Now, he says, he is in “limbo” waiting for guidance from the New York State Department of Health about what to do next.

“My experience, thank God, has been very lowkey,” Schulman told Business Insider. “I had a 102 fever for two days and no other symptoms after that. Almost as soon as my fever went away, my physical condition returned to normal— I could focus on schoolwork, exercise in my room.”

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