Working from home changes your sex life and relationship — here’s how to make sure the change is positive

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A new survey of 3,900 people found that 64% of workers think being able to work from home would improve their sex life and benefit their romantic relationship.
The main benefit is having more time to see your partner, whether they are also home during the day or before and after their work hours.
But relationship coaches say problems could arise, such as an imbalance where the remote worker takes on all the couple’s chores, or feelings of loneliness and isolation setting in.
To avoid problems, and to get a boost to your love life from a remote job, follow a few steps, such as establishing who will do what chores and scheduling in date time.
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Could working from home help the birds and the bees, ahem, get busier? Most people seem to think so.

The majority of workers think that landing a flexible job — for example, one that allows you to work from home — would boost their love life, a new survey by career site FlexJobs shows. Some 64% of the 3,900 respondents said it would improve their sex life and benefit their romantic relationship. Additionally, 80% thought having a flexible job would help them be more attentive to their significant other or partner.

There’s no doubt that getting a job that lets you work remotely, which for most people involves working from home, is a big change. But is it actually a positive or a negative change when it comes to one’s personal life?

I spoke with people who went from working in an office to working remotely, as well as couples therapists and coaches, and the short answer is: it depends.

There are some clear benefits, but also the potential for problems.

The benefits are obvious and wide ranging. Working remotely can mean more time to be with your partner, to go to your kid’s recital, have a lunch date, or sign off early in time to meet your love for a last-minute dinner out. If your partner is also home, you could even have a midday “sex date,” according to Sari Cooper, director of Center for Love and Sex, a group sex therapy and coaching practice based in New York City.

“Spontaneous sex during daytime hours, when the kids are in school, is a favorite of a lot of stay-at-home parents since …read more

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