Jenelle Evans Claims She’s Not Back Together With David Eason as New Abuse Allegations Surface

The Easons In NYC

Throughout this past week, several media outlets — including this one — have been reporting that Jenelle Evans is back together with David Eason, the abusive ex from whom she separated back in October.

The evidence seemed undeniable:

First, David and Jenelle were spotted in Nashville together.

Shortly thereafter, Evans began wearing her wedding ring in photos and videos that appeared on Instagram.

All of this came on the heels of reports that Jenelle had lifted her restraining order against Eason.

On its own, all of that would have been enough for many fans to conclude that Jenelle and David were back together — but believe it or not, there’s more.

Jenelle Evans Goes Out with David Eason, Shares Their Night on YouTube

Take this video, for example, in which Jenelle hits the town with an unidentified partner.

The person shooting the video is almost certainly David (his reflection can be seen at the 4:59 mark), and Jenelle kept him off camera for a reason.

Many who had been watching the situation closely were bracing themselves for an announcement making the reconciliation official.

Instead, Jenelle has come out denying that she she and David are back together.

“Nope, not right now,” Evans told E! News on Friday.

“Just co-parenting. No one knows anything and I’m sick of everyone trying to guess my life. I have no privacy no matter what I do.”

Now, it’s natural that fans would be skeptical of that statement.

After all, Jenelle doesn’t have he greatest track record when it comes to telling the truth.

And by that, we mean she lies as naturally as most people draw breath.

That “not right now” seems to be paving the way for a future reconciliation announcement, but Evans’ remarks are echoed by an unidentified source close to her.

“They have no plans to get back together. Jenelle was in North Carolina last month getting some of her things out of her home,” says the insider.

“There is no real change to their relationship situation.”

Obviously, this source could be anyone — including Jenelle herself — and she would have every reason to lie.

After all, Jenelle left David for a number of very good reasons.

He’s a violent bigot who was frequenly abusive to Evans, her children, and her pets.

The incident that set off the domino effect that led to the separation was Eason’s murder of Jenelle’s puppy, a French bulldog named Nugget.

That led to a CPS investigation which caused …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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