6 ways to cope with Valentine’s Day right after a break-up, according to experts

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The hype of Valentine’s Day can be tough for all singles, but especially for people who’ve recently experienced a break-up.
Insider spoke to five relationship experts on the best ways for newly single people to cope with the holiday.
They said to remember that love is not just romantic: friends, family, personal space, and self-care are all forms of love in your life worth celebrating.
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Valentine’s Day can be a hard time for many single people. With seemingly-never-ending stream of images happy couples on your Instagram feed, reruns of old romantic comedies on TV, and buzz from coworkers about their romantic plans with their partners, the day can leave people feeling particularly lonely.

But the Valentine’s Day FOMO (fear of missing out) can be even worse for people who have recently gotten out of relationships.

“Breaking up can be difficult, and given the hype that is often attributed to this day, recently losing a partner can have people more in their feelings about a break-up versus if the break-up happened at some other time of the year,” Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown, a New York-based clinical psychologist and founder of Renewed Focus, told Insider.

Insider spoke to five relationship experts on their advice for how newly-single people can cope with the holiday.

Make plans with your friends.

Valentine’s Day can make people feel especially lonely if they have recently gotten out of a relationship, so it’s import for people to reach out for help when they need it. Friends and family can be great for providing support and love on February 14.

“Even though you feel like you might be a burden because you’re feeling so beat down, maybe bruised by this ending of a relationship, I would definitely suggest to reach out to the people that know you, that understand what you might be dealing with,” Anisah Miley, a New York-based licensed clinical social worker, told Insider.

Remember that love is not just romantic, it encompasses platonic love, too. Flip Valentine’s Day into a “Pal-entine’s Day” celebration of friendship.

“Love comes in many forms and our society is overly obsessed with the hallmark idea of romantic love,” Joanne Davies, a clinical hypnotherapist, told Insider. “Even if most of your friends are in relationships, there is a good chance they’d love an excuse not to have to subscribe to the cliched idea of what the night should look …read more

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