The International Skating Union is really sorry for including an Auschwitz-themed outfit in their ‘best costume’ list

Russia's Anton Shulepov performs in the men free skating at the Grand Prix of Figure Skating on November 23.

Russian figure skater Anton Shulepov wore a costume that featured a Star of David and elements of Auschwitz guard uniforms during a routine to the theme of “Schindler’s List” in November at am Internationaux de France event.
The International Skating Union (ISU) included the costume in a contest online in which fans could vote for their favorite outfits.
The organization later said it was included “by error,” and replaced the photo of Shulepov with one of him in another costume.
“The ISU regrets that by error the wrong costume (Free Skating instead of Short Program costume) of Mr. Shulepov has been presented for voting,” the organization said about its inclusion of Shulepov’s Auschwitz costume.
In a statement to the Guardian, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt called the costume “insensitive” and “offensive.”
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The International Skating Union (ISU) has apologized after an Auschwitz-themed ice skating costume was nominated for the organization’s “best costume” list in what they have called an “error.”

The costume was worn by Russian figure skater Anton Shulepov as he skated to the theme of the movie “Schindler’s List” during a free skate routine in France in November. It featured a Star of David and elements of guard uniforms from Auschwitz, where more than 1 million Jews and prisoners of war were killed by Nazis during World War II.

The costume already received criticism when Shulepov wore it at the Internationaux de France event in November, according to The Guardian.

But the backlash grew after the ISU re-shared a photo of it on Sunday. The organization included the costume in an online contest where fans could vote for their favorite outfits of the year.

CW: antisemitism

.@AuschwitzMuseum .@ISU_Figure has nominated a costume that is half concentration camp prisoner uniform w/a yellow star, half Nazi guard uniform, for its “best costume” award, despite having been told how offensive this is. Skater is Russian Anton Shulepov.

— azteclady (@HerHandsMyHands) December 1, 2019

The fact that Shulepov is included under best costume is profoundly offensive. Some of us have family who died in the Holocaust. The yellow Star of David is what marked ordinary people for death, just because they were Jewish. This isn’t just some movie; real people died.

— Tol™ Lauren (@tyrannolaur) December 1, 2019

Shulepov’s evocation of painful Holocaust imagery in his routine was insensitive & offensive. …read more

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