Amazon is getting into the quantum computing game, which Microsoft, IBM, and Google are already racing in (AMZN)

Andy Jassy

On Monday, Amazon announced a new quantum computing service called Amazon Braket, which allows people to access quantum computing technology from the startups D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti through the cloud.
This is Amazon’s first major step into quantum computing, a field where Microsoft, IBM, Google, Intel and other startups are already building computers and doing research.
Matthew Brisse, research vice president at Gartner, says that although Amazon Web Services is a bit late to the game, it has the chance to attract the developer community.
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Amazon announced Monday that it’s stepping into quantum computing – a new field of computing where Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Intel have already started building.

Quantum computing is still at its early stages, but experts predict that it will be exponentially more powerful than the most powerful supercomputers today and can be used for drug discovery, modeling molecules, logistics planning, and even predicting the stock market.

Already, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Intel, as well as smaller startups, have gotten started in conducting research and building early quantum computers. Notably, AWS isn’t building its own quantum hardware – instead, it’s allowing people to access quantum computing technology built by partners through through its cloud.

Now, Amazon’s new product, called Amazon Braket, is a service that allows scientists, researchers, and developers to experiment with quantum computing from hardware providers by using Amazon’s cloud. Amazon partnered with quantum computing startups D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti for this, and this service is now available in preview.

“It is a step for them into the quantum industry as a whole,” Rigetti COO Taryn Naidu told Business Insider. “There’s obviously a lot of work from companies like ourselves. They’re really focusing on bringing quantum hardware to the user base to make sure it’s ready for prime time. It’s the first step of Amazon being that conduit.”

Already, Boeing plans to collaborate with AWS to use its quantum computing technology for materials science research and more.

Besides that, Amazon Web Services started a Center for Quantum Computing, which brings together experts from Amazon, the California Institute of Technology, and other research institutions to collaborate on research, as well as the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, which connects customers with experts at Amazon to find the best way to use quantum computing.

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