Amazon has removed a ban on the words ‘multi cloud’ and ‘hybrid cloud’ at its AWS conference, and it’s a telling change to its famous list of forbidden words (AMZN)

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According to documents viewed by Business Insider, Amazon Web Services does not allow its partners to mention rivals like Microsoft and Google Cloud in their “high-visibility content” for conferences like AWS re:Invent, but now allows it in data sheets, flyers, and whitepapers.
In a previous version of its partner branding guide from August, AWS disallowed the terms “multi-cloud,” “cross cloud,” “any cloud,” or “every cloud,” but as of October, this rule is no longer there.
Partners say that they’ve previously had experiences of having to submit their presentations to AWS for approval, being told to remove mentions of Microsoft Azure and terms like “clouds” and “hybrid cloud,” and seeing staff walk around with tape to cover up unapproved phrases.
Partners say although AWS previously did not allow them to mention the term “multi-cloud” or anything that suggests there’s any cloud besides Amazon’s, customers are increasingly choosing to use multiple clouds.
Still, in general partners say they understand why AWS enforces these rules, and customers can still check if their products run on other clouds.
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Attention Amazon Web Services conference attendees: You are no longer forbidden from using the words “multi-cloud” or “hybrid cloud.”

Amazon kicks off its largest cloud computing event of the year on Monday, when it hosts the latest installment of its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. One noteworthy — and telling — change to this year’s event is in the company’s longstanding list of banned words.

After years of strictly enforcing a list of forbidden words, Amazon has loosened its rules. Don’t expect to see the names of cloud arch-rivals Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud displayed in prominent places like booth signs, in videos or during on-stage sessions — this is still Amazon’s party, of course.

But unlike in years past, Amazon will now tolerate the use of words and terms — in certain circumstances — that allude to the existence of other clouds beyond AWS. Amazon removed its rule forbidding “multi-cloud,” “any cloud,” “cross cloud,” and “every cloud” from its branding guide for partners, as of October.

Still, before the guide was updated, partners said they had to abide by those rules and submit their content for re:Invent to AWS for approval.

The easing of the ban underscores the shifting dynamics of the $214 billion cloud industry more than a decade after Amazon pioneered the business by letting …read more

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