Jade Cline Gets Roasted By Teen Mom Fans: You’re Selling Sex, Just Like Farrah!

Jade Cline Sells Vibrators

Jade Cline is still relatively new to the world of Teen Mom stardom.

After starring in a single season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Cline was selected to replace Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2 after Evans was finally fired.

So while, she’s been in the spotlight for a couple years, Jade just experienced a major boost to her public profile.

Going from a first-year spinoff to a popular, long-running series like Teen Mom 2 is like being called up to the majors.

As a result, Jade is making more money, and she’s more popular than ever on social media.

That may sound like an unimportant side effect of fame, but the increased following brings with it the opportunity to make big bucks from sponsored content.

Unfortunately, it also means Jade has more haters than ever before.

And these days, she’s being compared to one of the most reviled Teen Moms of all time — Farrah Abraham.

During her time on Teen Mom OG, Farrah continued to perform in online sex shows, a decision that eventually got her fired from the show.

(In reality, she was probably canned because producers were sick of being abused by her, but the Cam Soda partnership provided a convenient excuse.)

Now, Jade is being accused of following in Farrah’s footsteps by partnering with an adult toy company.

On Thursday, Cline invited her fans to enter a giveaway for a chance to win three free vibrators.

“Hey guys! I’ll be partnering with [Vush] this week to put together an amazing giveaway bundle to one of my followers! Stay tuned! Will be posting the giveaway and how to enter this week on my page,”

Cline later offered specifics — along with the above in which she can be seen showing off Vush’s wares.

“3x Vibrator bundles from Vush to 3 lucky people in the comment section,” Jade wrote.

“Each bundle includes The Empress, Your Majesty and The Rose! ($400 value per bundle).”

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, this promotion left some of Jade’s followers deeply irritated.

“The next Farrah,” wrote one commenter.

“I actually thought u were one of the good moms…” another remarked.

“Wtf! Another Farrah in the making!” another echoed.

“Y’all really have to come up with better insults,” Cline replied.

She’s right about that.

For one, there’s a major difference between what Farrah did (making a career in the adult film business and falsely claiming that her debut feature was a privately-filmed “sex tape”) and what Jade …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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