How to screenshare on a Mac computer, to make presentations and projects easier

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You can screenshare on a Mac to quickly share your screen in numerous ways, which can be especially useful when coordinating a project or sharing a presentation.
You can screenshare from one Mac to another Mac easily using macOS X.
Once your screen is shared, there are numerous adjustments you can make to maximize the effectiveness of this tool.
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Macs allow Screen Sharing, which is a great tool for everything from collaborating on projects to troubleshooting a friend’s computer.

The opportunity to either view or even scroll through a partner’s computer is easy as long as permissions for Screen Sharing have been given.

If the Macs use the same iCloud account, it’s especially easy to share. Once Screen Sharing is activated, the interface makes it easy to navigate.

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How to screenshare on a Mac computer

1. Click on the Apple symbol in the upper left corner.

2. Click on “System Preferences.”

3. Click on “Sharing” in the middle row.

4. Check the box next to “Screen Sharing” in the column on the right.

5. Your computer will now be identifiable by other users on your network in their Finder.

6. On the other computer, open Finder. Your computer’s name should show up in the sidebar — in this example it shows up as “Ryan’s MacBook Pro”.

7. You can also connect by using your Mac’s vnc number. Whoever is looking to access your shared screen simply has to type in the number provided in your Screen Sharing screen, or “vnc://###.###.#.###/”. Next, their Mac will ask if they want to turn on Screen Sharing.

8. Click on “Connect.”

9. If you’re both logged in using the same Apple ID, it will share automatically. If not, they will be asked to enter the username and the password for the Mac being shared.

How to edit your sharing display

1. Once you’re sharing the other screen, Screen Sharing will show up in your Dock — it will look like two square glass panels on top of each other.

2. Click on “Screen Sharing” if it’s not already up.

3. Scroll down and click “Preferences.”

4. The first setting you can adjust is size, which is relevant if the Macs are different sizes. Scale will make the shared screen fit the screen with which it’s being shared. “Show full size” means …read more

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