Stephen Colbert endorses placing Trump Tower on Obama Avenue, explains how liberals troll

Stephen Colbert began Thursday’s Late Show monologue with “a fun story” for his audience. “There is a petition currently circulating here in New York City to rename the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets ‘President Barack Obama Avenue,'” he said. “To make the honor complete, whenever a car tries to turn left it will be blocked by Mitch McConnell.” That stretch of Fifth Avenue, not coincidentally, contains Trump Tower, and if the petition is successful, President Trump’s home address will be 725 President Barack H. Obama Ave.

“This is the difference between trolls on the left and trolls on the right,” Colbert said. “One harasses Chris Cuomo at dinner, the other is like, ‘We are submitting a formal request through the proper channels at City Council, we’ll see you in 14 months — you’ve been petish’d!'”

But the big story this week is the economy, the stock market currently “swinging like a tetherball in a typhoon” due to fears of a recession, Colbert said. Trump is already blaming “the news media” for trying to “crash the economy,” he noted, laughing at the idea that “this is all a plot by those masters of economic strategy: newspapers!”

“Trump’s economic policies have only benefited the elite few to begin with, and now that a recession seems like it might be on the horizon, he’s freaking out,” Seth Meyers said at Late Night. “Because for two years, he’s be able to coast on the economic tide left by Obama while ignoring the growing wealth gap, massive inequality, or the shuttering factories in states he promised to rescue.” Trump loves to brag about the stock market, which is actually underperforming versus Obama, he said, but “more importantly, the stock market is not the whole economy. In fact, most working people aren’t really invested in the stock market; it’s mostly just a sign of how the wealthy few are faring.” Watch below.

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