After Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, Ghislaine Maxwell may have taken his place as the ‘kingpin’ prosecutors are looking to take down. But experts say don’t expect criminal charges anytime soon.

Ghislaine Maxwell

As pressure mounts on Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime associate and alleged madam, so has public speculation over why she hasn’t yet been criminally charged.
Former federal prosecutors told INSIDER that after Epstein’s death on August 10, Maxwell is effectively the new “kingpin” of an alleged sex trafficking conspiracy that prosecutors will try to take down.
But amid public outrage over allegations that Maxwell recruited and groomed young girls for Epstein, experts warn that investigators have a mountain of evidence still to go through.
Prosecutors likely won’t bring charges unless they have the case buttoned up and ready to be brought to trial, the former prosecutors said.
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When Jeffrey Epstein died by an apparent suicide in his Manhattan jail cell on August 10, he effectively dismantled a sweeping sex trafficking and conspiracy case against him that summed up years’ worth of allegations that he preyed on young girls.

Members of Epstein’s inner circle, whom victims have accused of facilitating Epstein’s abuse, previously stood a chance at leveraging information and testimony against Epstein to win a deal with prosecutors. Now, that leverage is gone, legal experts said.

“To use financial terminology, with Mr. Epstein’s suicide the currency they had has been devalued substantially,” Jacob Frenkel, a former federal criminal prosecutor, told INSIDER.

Perhaps no one has lost out more than Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s longtime associate and alleged madam whom victims have claimed groomed and recruited them.

“His death makes her the top of the food chain in terms of who you’re going after. Because if she was the right-hand person who was the most involved in this, then everyone else was working under the two of them,” David Weinstein, a former Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, told INSIDER. “She gets now put in the kingpin position.”

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As pressure mounts on Maxwell, so has public speculation over why she hasn’t yet been criminally charged or why she’s apparently been so difficult to track down.

In recent days, rumors have swirled that Maxwell was hiding out in a Massachusetts mansion, or lying low in France. In fact, she was photographed on Monday at a Los Angeles In-N-Out burger reading a book about the CIA, according to The New York Post.

Prosecutors won’t make …read more

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