Farrah Abraham Supports Amber Portwood: You’re Just as Good a Mom as I Am!

Farrah abraham supports amber portwood youre just as good a mom

Last month, Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking Andrew Glennon while he held their son.

Now, she’s getting support from a former castmate — and quite possibly the last person you’d expect.

Farrah Abraham is cheering on Amber, telling her that she knows that she can make it as a single mom.

“I mean, I wish her all the best,” Farrah expresses in her interview with HollywoodLife.

She continues: “It’s really sad that … I think it’s just like everyone is saying. She has to focus on her health and her well-being.”

“I know it hurts, as a mom, to have your kids taken away,” Farrah adds.

“I know it hurts to sometimes make wrong choices and get off the beaten path that she wants to be on,” she notes.

“And the more that we all talk about that, that she talks about that, that’s awesome,” Farrah raves.

“For Amber,” Farrah says. “My message would be, ‘I wish you all the best and I know how that feels, and I understand.'”

“I’m empathetic to what she’s going through,” the reality villain affirms.

“But I really really hope that she can be alone, go solo, be a solo girl,” Farrah expresses.

“And,” she continues. “Be that strong independent fierce woman that I know is inside of her.”

Farrah notes that Amber is a person who is strong “and who can easily have two kids on her own.”

Now, Farrah is the first to admit that she is out of the loop and has been since she left Teen Mom OG in a huff.

“They’ve definitely probably splitted ways after that,” Farrah muses.

“I can only imagine,” she says with sympathy.

“This is her second go round of her losing custody of a child,” Farrah notes.

“And,” she concludes. “I’m sure that’s not taken lightly.”

A little piece of advice for everyone? Firework displays just aren’t that important. They’re noisy pollution sources.

But reports say that it was over a missed firework show that Amber lost her temper and allegedly attacked Andrew.

With a shoe, she allegedly pummeled him while he held their child, and even demanded that he set down James.

She also allegedly hacked at a door with a machete — an image from everyone’s nightmares — in her fury.

We are so glad that Andrew escaped with minimal injuries and that 1-year-old James was physically unharmed.

Despite what sounds like a one-sided incident, Farrah is not the first Teen Mom star (past or present) to sympathize …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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