Every team of LeBron James’ NBA career, ranked — including his newest Lakers squad

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LeBron James is entering his 17th year of his career.
During James’ career, he’s played on all different types of teams, from super-teams, contenders, middling playoff squads, to lottery teams.
We ranked all 17 of James’ teams, including his new star-studded Lakers squad with Anthony Davis.
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Over his 17-year career, LeBron James has played on everything from super-teams to lottery teams.

But which of those teams were the best? Which of those teams gave James the most support? Which were sturdy enough to be truly elite teams that dominated the league, rather than average teams with one dominant player?

There’s no exact formula for answering such a question, but to rank the best teams of James’ 17-year career, we included several factors: team record, net rating (the amount by which a team outscores opponents per 100 possessions), their playoff record and net rating, and ultimate finishing point (e.g. Finals, Conference Finals, etc.).

We also looked at James’ usage rate (to see how much work he was doing), his win shares (calculated by Basketball-Reference), and the number of players who made All-Star teams in that season. Lastly, we used a bit of logic and subjectivity.

Below is our ranking of James’ best teams:

17. 2003-04 Cavaliers

Record: 35-47, 9th seed in East

Playoffs: n/a

Net rating: -2.9

Number of All-Stars: 0

Explanation: The first team of LeBron’s career was his worst. The 2003-04 Cavs were coming off a 17-65 season and landed the No. 1 pick to select LeBron. He immediately came in and led the team in scoring, usage, and win shares. His teams didn’t finish below-.500 again for the next 14 years.

16. 2004-05 Cavaliers

Record: 42-40, 9th seed in East

Playoffs: n/a

Net rating: 0.7

Number of All-Stars: 1 — Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Explanation: The next year, the Cavs improved by seven games to finish over .500, but they still missed the playoffs. James improved by leaps and bounds, averaging 27-7-7 as a 20-year-old. He even had a fellow All-Star in Ilgauskas, who averaged 16 points and 9 rebounds per game. James would make the playoffs every year for the next 13 seasons.

15. 2018-19 Lakers

Record: 37-45, 10th seed in West

Playoffs: n/a

Net rating: -1.6

Number of All-Stars: 0

Explanation: Analyzing the 2018-19 Lakers is like looking at three different teams. They were 20-14, in fourth place, after Christmas. They then went 7-11 while James sat out with a groin injury. After he came, back the team was undone by trade rumors, infighting, …read more

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