A Trump trade deal with the UK has ‘no chance’ of passing if Brexit disrupts the Irish border, warns Nancy Pelosi

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There is “no chance” of Congress approving a US-UK free trade deal if Brexit undermines the Irish peace process, Nancy Pelosi has warned.
The US House Speaker on Wednesday repeated previous warnings that Congress will not allow President Trump to sign a trade deal with the UK if Brexit has disrupted the seamless Irish border.
If Brexit undermines the Good Friday accord, there will be no chance of a U.S.-U.K. trade agreement passing the Congress,” Pelosi said in a statement.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has prioritised a trade agreement with the US once the UK has left the European Union. Trump has promised a comprehensive and deep trade deal.
However, last week former US treasury secretary Larry Summers said the UK would be “desperate” in trade talks and that Trump would “strike the hardest bargain.”
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There is “no chance” of a free trade deal between the United Kingdom and the United States passing Congress if Brexit undermines the Good Friday Agreement or the open Irish border, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned on Wednesday.

Trump’s National Security adviser John Bolton insisted this week that the UK would be first in line for a trade deal with the US after Brexit, and said that the US “enthusiastically” supports the UK leaving the European Union without a deal.

However, Pelosi warned that Congress will not approve any post-Brexit trade deal with the UK if Brexit disrupts the status quo on the island of Ireland, as a no-deal Brexit would almost certainly do.

Pelosi in a new statement said the Good Friday Agreement — which underpins the relationship between Northern Ireland and the Republic — will be “fiercely defended” in Washington by both the Democrats and the Republicans.

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Pelosi said: “The peace of the Good Friday Agreement is treasured by the American people and will be fiercely defended on a bicameral and bipartisan basis in the United States Congress.”

“The Good Friday Agreement serves as the bedrock of peace in Northern Ireland and as a beacon of hope for the entire world. After centuries of conflict and bloodshed, the world has witnessed a miracle of reconciliation and progress made possible because of this transformative accord.”

She added: “Whatever form it …read more

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