A mom celebrated dropping her kids off at their first day of school with a trip to Disney World and took magical photos

Magic Kingdom

Lisa DiNoto is a Florida-based mom of two who writes for The Castle Run, a personal blog she created about Disney and running.
On Monday, DiNoto dropped her children off at their first day of school, and then celebrated the occasion by visiting Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. She also got a celebratory button and took photographs with characters while there.
Speaking to INSIDER, DiNoto said it “just seemed natural” to visit the theme park, where she “had a little popcorn on Main Street” and took a ride on the Tomorrowland PeopleMover.
DiNoto also said she took the trip because she feels it’s crucial that “moms are allowed to have mental health days.”
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While many parents view back-to-school season as an opportunity to focus on work and household chores, one mom in Florida sees things a bit differently.

On Monday, Lisa DiNoto dropped her two children off at their first day of school, and then headed to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. While there, she ate popcorn, rode the Tomorrowland PeopleMover, and took photos with lots of characters and employees.

INSIDER recently spoke with DiNoto about her day trip, and the importance of mothers having time to take mental-health days. See the magical photos from her visit below.

Lisa DiNoto, a mom of two, says it “just seemed natural” to visit Disney World on her children’s first day of school.

DiNoto moved to Florida with her family after leaving her job as a corporate attorney in 2016. She now works with her husband, and runs a personal blog called The Castle Run, which focuses on Disney World and running.

Speaking to INSIDER, DiNoto said she currently lives so close to the theme park that she can “hear the train whistle in the morning” and see fireworks from her backyard.

“I go to Disney World with the kids all the time, and we love enjoying the parks together,” DiNoto told INSIDER. “But there’s just something about taking a few mental health hours to stroll around on your own — especially in a place as nostalgic for me as Disney.”

Because her sons were “so excited to see their friends and teachers” on the first day of school, DiNoto felt it was time for her to experience some fun on her own.

“After I dropped them off, it just seemed natural to take a ride over to our …read more

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