A man says he planned to travel to Hawaii with his ex-girlfriend because he paid for most of their trip, but a therapist thinks he should just eat the cost

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An anonymous Reddit user recently shared a post on the “Am I the A–hole” subreddit detailing a purported argument with his ex-girlfriend over a vacation they had previously planned to Hawaii.
In the now-viral post, he wrote that he insisted on going to Hawaii with his ex after paying for a considerable amount of their accommodations for her sister’s wedding.
The poster felt that he should be able to enjoy the trip despite the fact that he had initially intended to go for his ex’s sister’s wedding.
The original poster was deemed “Not the A–hole” by Reddit users, though some felt that the cost of the trip was a sunk cost after he decided to break things off with his ex.
Landis Bejar, lead therapist and founder of therapy practice AisleTalk, told us that it would likely be inappropriate for someone in the poster’s position to take the trip given the circumstances.
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For many, hanging out with an ex partner in any capacity can be less than pleasant.

So when one Reddit user said he insisted on traveling to Hawaii with his ex-girlfriend after paying for the majority of their accommodations for her sister’s wedding, people were largely perplexed and divided on the matter.

On Thursday, a man who goes by the username snobsagainstslobs shared an anonymous post on the subreddit “Am I the A–hole” to request unbiased advice from people on the site.

The poster detailed a purported argument with his ex-girlfriend over a Hawaii vacation he said they had planned together

“My girlfriend and I had been together for 2 and a half years,” he wrote. “Before my decision to break up we had bought a vacation package together for her sisters wedding in Maui. She was short on splitting the cost so I covered $1,700 of the $2,500 total cost.”

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The original poster wrote that he asked his ex if he could still join her in Hawaii since he paid more than half of the bill for the accommodations, but his ex denied his request “because it was my choice to end the relationship.” He said she refused to pay him back, at which point he insisted that he should be able to make the trip.

The poster said he planned on sleeping on the couch and being …read more

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