We visited Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour to see which store does athletic-wear the best — the winner shocked us

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Nike is considered the dominant player in the sports-retail market, but competitors like Adidas are not far behind.
Under Armour has been climbing the ranks as well — its shares rose about 10% in June, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.
We visited all three stores to find the athletic-wear champion. To our surprise, Under Armour came out on top.
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Among the titans of athletic-wear retailers, Under Armour is considered the underdog. But recently the brand has seen success — it announced favorable earnings for its first quarter that defied expectations.

All three brands have their own distinct branding. Nike’s renewed commitment to female athletes has distinguished the brand from its competitors, especially in the wake of the 2019 Women’s World Cup — Nike sponsored 14 of the 24 teams in the tournament this year, including the winning USA team.

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Adidas’ collaboration with Beyoncé will likely help the brand reach more women. As for Under Armour, analysts say the company has faced competition with other brands that resonate better with women, CNBC reported.

We visited all three stores to see for ourselves which appeals to a broader customer base and which shopping experience is superior. We were shocked when Under Armour won us over with its store layout, low prices, and emphasis on performance-enhancing attire.

Read about our journey below:

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We started our journey at the Nike flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Nike’s renewed focus on women in 2019 was immediately evident in the store — the entrance was lined with different female mannequins in uniforms from around the world.

The main showroom was filled with images and videos of female athletes. It felt more like walking into a museum than walking into a store.

There were different sections for different countries — some of the uniforms were on display behind glass.

But some were available for purchase. The US Women’s National Soccer Team — which was sponsored by Nike — had just won the Women’s World Cup, so the store was particularly …read more

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