Trump’s ICE raids on thousands of immigrants are ‘a big show to scare people’ and won’t solve anything, immigration experts warn


Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is set to carry out nationwide raids beginning on Sunday that will target thousands of immigrants for arrest and deportation, President Donald Trump confirmed on Friday.
Immigration attorneys and experts characterized the raids as a scare tactic and said the operation won’t do much to quell undocumented immigration in the long-run or solve broader immigration problems.
“The point of the raids, along with most of Trump’s immigration ‘enforcement’ policies, is not actually to ‘thwart undocumented immigration’ but rather to put immigrant communities in fear,” Lily Axelrod, an immigration lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee, told INSIDER.
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President Donald Trump on Friday confirmed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will move forward won Sunday with raids across the country to arrest thousands of undocumented immigrants.

“I have an obligation to do it,” Trump said to reporters at the White House. “They came in illegally, they go out.”

The president added, “We’ll be taking them out by the thousands.”

The Trump administration has faced a great deal of criticism over the planned raids in recent days from Democrats in Congress, as well as from mayors and police chiefs in major US cities, but acting ICE director Mark Morgan has said they’re just upholding and enforcing the law of the land.

“My duty is not to look at the political optics or the will of the American people. That’s for the politicians to decide. What the American people should want us to do as law enforcement officials is to enforce the rule of law and maintain the integrity of that system,” Morgan told NPR in late June. “If you’re here in violation of federal immigration law, if you’ve had due process and you have a final order, what are we supposed to do?”

But immigration law experts say these raids, which were previously postponed and are set to occur in at least 10 major US cities, are primarily designed to spread “fear” through the immigrant community and won’t address or solve the root causes of the problems plaguing America’s immigration system.

‘A big show to scare people’

“The main design is to send a message that the current administration is willing to enforce the existing immigration laws, and the raids also act as a deterrent,” Matthew Kolken, an immigration attorney in Buffalo, New York, told INSIDER. “The problem is that the deterrent won’t work.”

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