The former medical director of the fertility clinic that mixed up 3 couples’ embryos was once sued for having a sexual relationship with one of his patients

dr. thomas kim

This month, two lawsuits have been filed against the LA-based CHA fertility center, by victims who said their embryos were mixed up — resulting in a woman carrying two strangers’ babies to term.
INSIDER has since uncovered a prior lawsuit filed against CHA, in 2006, by a woman who alleged she had been seduced by the center’s former medical director, Dr. Thomas Kim.
The woman alleged in her lawsuit, which was settled for an undisclosed amount in 2007, that Kim lied to her about how many eggs he had retrieved so he would continue seeing her.
Kim told the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners that he and the patient had an intimate relationship.
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A Los Angeles fertility clinic has been hit with two lawsuits from clients who said their embryos were mixed up — resulting in a woman unknowingly getting pregnant with the babies of two stranger couples and carrying the boys to term.

Soon after welcoming the longed-for babies into the world in March, the mother had to give them up to their biological parents, who were blindsided by the new additions to their families.

INSIDER has since looked into CHA Fertility Center and discovered that the clinic has faced controversy in the past, when its former medical director had a sexual relationship with one of his patients.

An inappropriate doctor-patient relationship

According to court records viewed by the LA Times at the time, patient Dr. Jo-Anne Biafore sued CHA and Dr. Thomas Kim in March 2006.

Biafore alleged in the lawsuit that Kim tried to seduce her when she first went to him for fertility treatment in August 2002. She said their relationship became sexual in June 2003, and continued until July 2005.

During their relationship, Biafore was having her eggs retrieved, and she said Kim lied to her about the number of eggs he had collected so she would keep coming back to him.

She said she suffered “extreme mental and emotional distress, humiliation, fear, and anger” when she learned the truth.

Biafore had asked for $8 million in damages from Kim and CHA, but the case was closed in June 2007 after the parties came to a settlement. The LA Times reported that the terms of the deal were confidential. CHA and Biafore did not immediately respond to INSIDER’s request for comment. Kim did not comment.

A medical board investigation

In February 2007, the LA Times reported that the …read more

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