People are saying Meghan Markle holds baby Archie ‘wrong,’ and a midwife agrees she’s making a potentially dangerous mistake

Meghan Markle

On Wednesday, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle took baby Archie to a polo match with her.
After photos from the event surfaced, people started criticizing Markle’s baby-holding technique and said she wasn’t “mum material” because of it.
According to a certified midwife, Markle is indeed holding her baby incorrectly.
Parents should support babies’ heads and necks with their left hand until they are old enough to do so on their own.

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Following a Wednesday trip to a polo match with her baby Archie, Meghan Markle is being criticized for the way she carried her two-month-old son, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

Upon seeing a photograph of Markle holding Archie, Twitter users attacked the new mom, saying she isn’t “mum material” and needs a baby-holding lesson.

I am surprised that nobody else has yet commented on the way that Meghan Markle is holding Archie. She is clearly struggling and not yet familiar with the best way to hold a baby that is covered by a blanket. Her hand position is also awkwardly placed.

— Stanga (@Pork_Nocker) July 10, 2019

@RoyalFamily @ClarenceHouse@KensingtonRoyal Is there anyone in your palaces who can teach #MeghanMarkle how to hold a baby in her arms? It seems that Meghan Markle is not a mum material but she will hurt the baby! She will surely keep using the baby for her own PR.

— À la lanterne! (@LatifeUssaki) July 11, 2019

To learn whether the Duchess of Sussex’s baby holding aligns with expert recommendations, INSIDER spoke with Manhattan-based certified nurse midwife Risa Klein.

Commenters’ critiques of Megan Markle’s baby holding skills are actually valid

It turns out, internet critics aren’t wrong in their appraisal of Markle’s baby-holding skills.

“It seems that whoever delivered her baby never gave her a lesson on properly holding her baby,” Klein told INSIDER. “Maybe it’s her position [as Duchess], but people shouldn’t be intimidated and should show her how to hold her baby.”

According to Klein, the Duchess if Sussex isn’t supporting Archie’s head and neck, a mistake that could cause his head to bob around or fall backwards, potentially leading to a neck or spinal injury.

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