A renowned French chef has demanded his restaurant is removed from the Michelin Guide after ‘they dared to say that we put cheddar in our soufflé’

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A highly acclaimed French chef has sparked controversy after demanding his restaurant be removed from the Michelin guide.
Marc Veyrat’s Haute Savoie restaurant was this year demoted from three to two Michelin stars, and he’s not best pleased about it.
In a strongly-worded letter, the chef decries the inspectors’ “profound incompetence.”
His biggest gripe is with the fact the guide reportedly accused him of putting cheddar cheese in his soufflé as opposed to the regional specialties of reblochon, beaufort, and tomme.
The Michelin guide has refused to remove Veyrat’s restaurant.
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A renowned French chef is stirring things up in the French haute cuisine scene after demanding his restaurant is removed from the Michelin Guide.

Marc Veyrat, the highly celebrated gastronome behind the restaurant La Maison des bois à Manigod in the Haute Savoie region, lost his third Michelin star in January.

And after a few months of reflection, he’s now penned an angry attack on the culinary Bible, decrying its “amateurism” and the inspectors’ “profound incompetence.”

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“I have been depressed for six months,” said Veyrat, 69, in a letter published by Le Point. “How dare you take the health of your chefs hostage?”

The acclaimed cuisinier went on to explain that it was when he went to Michelin’s Paris offices to try and understand why his restaurant had been demoted that he learned of the company’s “profound incompetence.”

“It makes me fear for future generations,” said Veyrat, who is known for his trademark black hat.

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