How sneaker trends have changed throughout the years


Over the past few decades, sneakers have changed a lot.
Converse Chuck Taylors were popular in 1962 and they continue to be popular today.
In the ’90s, platform sneakers were trendy, partially because of how often the Spice Girls wore them.

From jeans to engagement rings, fashion trends are always evolving. And when it comes to footwear, sneakers have seen a lot of changes over the past few decades in terms of both function and style.

Although originally designed to be athletic wear, sneakers have since morphed into quite a fashion statement. Today, you don’t have to be an athlete to own dozens of pairs of sneakers. And you can buy sneakers from a variety of designers, not just athletic-wear brands.

From high-top Converse to slip-on Vans, here are some ways sneaker trends have changed over the years.

1960: Converse Chuck Taylors were worn by athletes and non-athletes alike.

Although Converse High Tops had already been around for years, the sneakers continued to be popular throughout the ’60s.

The sneaker could be seen in movies like 1960’s “Tall Story,” a basketball-based romantic comedy starring Jane Fonda and Anthony Perkins.

Athletes were seen wearing these Converse, too. According to Dazed Digital, during the 1960s 90% of college and professional basketball players were wearing Chuck Taylor All Stars.

1969: Yoko Ono was photographed wearing a pair of white Keds sneakers.

Although Keds were released in 1916, throughout the ’50s and ’60s the shoes had a new wave of popularity as celebrities were spotted wearing them both in movies and in real life.

In the 1952 film “Clash by Night,” Marilyn Monroe wore a pair of Keds. And in the 1967 film “Two for the Road,” Audrey Hepburn was also wearing a pair of the flat, canvas shoes. Plus, in 1969, Yoko Ono was photographed wearing white Keds at her wedding to John Lennon.

1972: Adidas released its Stan Smith sneaker and unveiled a new logo.

In 1972, Adidas debuted its trefoil logo, a design that somewhat resembles a clover. The brand released it ahead of the 1972 summer Olympic games in Munich, Germany.

That same year, Adidas released the Stan Smith sneaker, named after the famed tennis player. The shoe’s original design was green and white. Today, the brand still sells versions of its Stan Smith shoe.

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