Legendary radio reporter George Garrett, who was hard to beat, finally tells his own story

For four plus decades if there was something worth reporting on CKNW, George Garrett was there.

A kind of Zelig of B.C. news reporters, Garrett was on the ground level for pretty much all the big stories from the mid-1950s until the end of the 1990s.

“It was a lot of luck, but I guess also I might have had an intuition on some things. Others were just pure serendipity that I happened to be there at the right time,” said Garrett recently about his habit of being there when the big stories broke.

During a recent conversation Garrett talked about some of those right-place, right time moments.

One instance had Garrett flying in on a helicopter to cover a Native blockade near Lillooet. Reporters from other news outlets had already been there for a few days watching nothing happen. Garrett said no sooner had he landed then rows of RCMP officers marched in to enforce a court order.

“The other reporters were pretty upset. ‘Bloody Garrett, he’s so lucky’ ” said Garrett, adding a laugh, but not too big of a laugh. That would be smug and that isn’t George Garrett. “I just seem to have a sense when things are going to happen, but of course I missed a lot too.”

Now 20 years after his official retirement from CKNW Radio (he also worked for BCTV, now Global TV), Garrett has released his memoir. George Garrett Intrepid Reporter takes readers into some of B.C’s most memorable news stories, as well as delivering a picture of the man behind the microphone and the wheel of the news cruiser.

George Garrett: Intrepid Reporter. Photo: Courtesy of Harbour Publishing [PNG Merlin Archive]

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George Garrett: Intrepid Reporter.

“About 10 years ago I decided I should write something for my grandchildren who were then in their teens,” said Garrett, who has four grandchildren.

However, once the Surrey resident sat down to write things down he realized he had a lot to talk about.

“It was memory lane,” said Garrett. “My wife used to say I could remember who was murdered 30 or 40 years ago, but I didn’t know what I had for dinner last night.”

That has worked out well for readers as this memoir is made up of story after interesting …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Entertainment

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