Kendra & Joe Duggar: New Pic Of Baby Garrett Leaves Fans Worried

Joseph and Kendra Duggar

Joe and Kendra Duggar have finally joined Instagram!

And they’re probably regretting their decision right about now.

It only took about five seconds before cruel social media users began shunning the young parents.

Joe’s sister, Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo welcomed the two to IG by posting an adorable photo of their family, but rather than fans celebrating the news, they took to the comment section with questions about baby Garrett’s health.

Jinger shared the photo with her brother and sister-in-law captioning it “Welcome to Instagram Joe and Kendra!” and linked their fans to their page @littleduggarfamily.

The parents of 8-month-old Garrett joined Insta last week and shared a cute photo of their little guy.

Saying, “We finally decided to get social media! Still trying to figure out how it works. Looking forward to keeping y’all updated on our little family.”

Remind you, Kendra and Joe are only 20-years-old — not 50 — and should be well aware of social media’s functions.

But their followers’ petty concerns flooded in about innocent, little Garrett (and not his parent’s late arrival to the IG party).

Several users commented on his eyes asking, “Does Garrett have a lazy eye?”

Followers also noted on the way the baby holds his head at a slight tilt.

One user shared her undesired motherly advice writing, “It really looks like he needs a helmet not being rude or mean my child had one and i can see in the other pic this needs to be addressed i hope someone close can tell them. He probably favored a side and has a flat head which causes eye to be off.”

Another added, “Adorable. But please, please have him checked for hydrocephalus.”

And as crazy as the Duggars are, they do believe in Western medicine.

So if there is a medical concern regarding Garrett, we’re sure the mom is on top of it with her pediatrician.

You know, a real doctor. Not Instagram trolls who believe they have the ability to diagnose everything and everyone.

One user, who must be trusted due to her name @hotmessmom wrote, “Garrett has torticollis, he needs pt. It only takes a few times to fix it.”

According to, torticollis is also known as “wry neck,” and occurs when “the top of the head generally tilts to one side.”

Other people chimed in agreeing with the medical examinations.

“Yes my baby girl had Torticollis too. I noticed …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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