Cat Cora of ‘Iron Chef’ fame is feuding with a Michelin-star restaurant after claiming she was refused a table despite making a reservation

Chef Cat Cora

Celebrity chef Cat Cora and the owners of Chicago’s Alinea are feuding after she said she was denied a table at the restaurant on Saturday despite claiming to have a reservation.
Alinea co-owner Nick Kokonas wrote a response to Cora’s now-deleted Instagram post which criticized the restaurant, claiming that Cora did not show up for her initial reservation booked for Friday.
Kokonas said that, after Alinea staff rescheduled the booking for Saturday, Cora’s assistant canceled the 9 p.m. reservation as it was “too late.” According to Kokonas, Cora’s assistant was worried she wouldn’t get hold of her boss before she would arrive.
The restaurant could not seat Cora when she arrived, being at full capacity, according to Kokonas.
Kokonas told INSIDER that he believes that Cora “owes [Alinea] staff an apology for her behavior,” while Cora told us that she “did not like the way the restaurant handled the mistake.”

Celebrity chef Cat Cora, known as the first and only female Iron Chef on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” and the owners and employees of Chicago’s only Michelin three-star restaurant Alinea recently engaged in a public feud.

The famous chef says she was denied a table when they arrived at Alinea on Saturday night despite claiming to have a reservation. However, the restaurant’s co-owner Nick Kokonas claims that Cora failed to show for a reservation made the previous night on Friday, and said that, after Alinea staff rescheduled the booking for 9 p.m. on Saturday, the reservation was canceled when Cora’s assistant told them it was “too late.”

Kokonas said the restaurant was at full capacity when Cora arrived, and therefore could not seat her.

After she was unable to get a table, Cora shared an Instagram post directed at Alinea

Cora directed the Instagram post at the restaurant’s head chef and co-owner Grant Achatz, in which she wrote that she had a reservation and yet was told on arrival by Alinea’s general manager and head of food and beverage, Devin McKinney, that “they made a mistake” and did not have a table available.

“We understand that mistakes can be made but at least show your face, come and apologize to your guests,” she wrote. “Chef Grant was there per Devon [sic] and didn’t even come out.”

She concluded the post with a direct message for Achatz, writing: “Chef Grant – you should take a lesson on …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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