TV and movie parents who dated their on-screen kids in real life

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When actors work closely together for months, whether it be on a movie or TV show, strong bonds are formed.
Sometimes, these relationships can turn romantic.
Here are six couples — or rumored couples — that played parents and children while working together.

When working closely together for years or months at a time, some actors’ relationships become more than professional — they get full-on romantic. Ultimately, when those loving feelings get sparked, it doesn’t really matter the roles the two people are playing on screen …

Here are six instances in which actors playing parents and their children allegedly dated, definitely dated, or were even married.

John Travolta dated his TV mom, Diana Hyland, until her death in 1977. The two met on the set of “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.”

Hyland began dating Travolta, who was 18 years her junior, after they co-starred as mother and son in the TV movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble,” which was based on the real stories of two kids born without functioning immune systems.

The two were together when Hyland passed away from cancer at the age of 41. Travolta accepted her posthumously awarded Emmy for her work in “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble,” and brought everyone to tears saying, “Wherever you are, Diana, I love you. You did it, baby.”

Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie were rumored to be dating while they were filming “Alexander,” in which Jolie played Farrell’s mother.

It’s a little ridiculous that these two played mother and son — they’re only 11 months apart.

The duo never confirmed their romance. Many blind items and rumors surrounded them for months during and after the filming of “Alexander,” a dramatic retelling of the story of Macedonian general Alexander the Great.

David Tennant met his future wife Georgia Moffett when she played the Doctor’s daughter in “Doctor Who.”

Moffett’s father in real life is Peter Moffett, a former “Doctor Who” star himself, better known as the fifth Doctor. Her father worked with Tennant on a 2008 episode during Tennant’s stint as the Doctor, and encouraged his daughter to become a part of the historic sci-fi show.

And so she did. Moffett appeared in a season four episode, aptly called “The Doctor’s Daughter,” where she played the cloned daughter of Tennant’s Doctor, an alien who can travel through time and space. While they may not …read more

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