18 Trump toys that are guaranteed to ruin Christmas morning


Parents, listen: I know you have strong political opinions. Maybe you’re even part of the 40 percent of Americans who think President Trump is doing a good job! But that is not an excuse to inflict terrible pro-Trump toys on your innocent children this December.

Most political toys are novelty items desired more by collectors with bad taste than actual kids. Forget being naughty or nice — finding one of these in your stocking is worse than getting a lump of coal. Here are 18 presents to absolutely not get for any children this season.

1. An extremely boring ‘Lego’ set
Price: Preorder for $29.95

(Keep and Bear)

CNN had to talk to experts to figure out that this faux-Lego “build the wall” set is “probably more for the parents.” No kidding — what kid gets excited about building a wall? The glaringly racist toy comes from the pro-Trump website Keep and Bear, which also sells a “Trump sends Hillary to prison” set.

2. A magic eight ball with Trump’s voice
Price: $16.95


President Trump will be the first one to tell you about his terrific foresight, so it was probably only a matter of time before someone turned him into a magic eight ball. “I love almost everything about this president,” one Amazon reviewer wrote of this toy, which has 25 different answers in Trump’s voice for yes-or-no questions. The reviewer added that the eight ball “will go down as one of my favorites.” One can only wonder, with what else?

3. A brunette Trump action figure
Price: $99.99 and up


Before Trump was president, he was … an Apprentice action figure. With brown hair? Okay, so it’s not exactly accurate, and it’s unclear what sort of action this figure will be doing apart from firing people. Maybe stick to his sidekick, Tariff Man.

4. This piece of fine literature
Price: $18.89

(Barnes and Noble)

Trump might not be doing much swamp-draining these days, but hey, that’s what fiction is for. While there are all sorts of pro-Trump children’s books out there, this one styles the president as a caveman who saves the day by banishing congressional reptiles, including a turtle that looks suspiciously like a certain Republican senator. I only have one question: Isn’t that toga disrespectful to the flag?

5. Trumpy Bear
Price: $39.90


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