We Found Fragrance Gifts For The 8 Most Particular People In Your Life


Everyone is difficult in their own way, which is why the myth of people who are “difficult to shop for” is not only patently ridiculous but, quite frankly, a bit rude. Unless the person you are shopping for is a child who has written out a list of the exact items they would like (or, more likely, provided the link to a running Amazon wishlist) or someone who collects something wildly specific (roosters or elephants for good luck, perhaps?), it is standard to have to put forth some effort to find something that suits your people and their complex, multifaceted selves perfectly.

What is unarguably difficult is picking out fragrance for other people. Sure, you can confidently buy your mom her 10th bottle of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue without pause, but when you want to introduce a seasoned fragrance fanatic to a new scent, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Perfume, after all, is personal — but the challenge of finding someone something they’ll actually want to wear is better than buying someone a porcelain doll for their overflowing, creepy-as-fuck collection, don’t you think?

Ahead, a compilation of fragrances and gift sets that acknowledge and account for the idiosyncrasies of the people you care about — and show them how much you love them anyway.

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Consider the trope of the manic pixie dream girl, and then picture what would happen if she gave up on her dreams of moving out to the desert to become the next Georgia O’Keeffe and got an executive gig raking in six figures instead. That’s who this intense, commanding floral fragrance, which combines a woodsy rose with the rare Rangoon creeper, is for: the freelance wild child who finally learned the value of being gainfully employed and now has dollar signs in her eyes where stars used to be. She can keep the portable rollerball in her pebbled-leather laptop case and the 1.6 oz bottle on her vintage armoire — right next to the dried flowers she still strings through her hair when you go to the bar on weekends. At least she always picks up the tab.

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