This is what concerns Trevor Noah about Trump’s post-midterms freak-out


Tuesday was the midterms, and “the Democrats ended the night riding high,” Trevor Noah said on Wednesday’s Daily Show. “That’s right, after eight years of being weaker than Ben Carson’s coffee, the House Democrats finally have a semblance of power. And when the day started, I honestly thought this was going to be the day’s big story,” he added. “But then President Trump stood up and said: No, no, no, you guys might have taken control of the House, but the news cycle will always be mine.”

So Trump held a press conference, and “it was an hour and a half of Crazy Trump at his finest,” Noah said, with Trump attacking reporters, misunderstanding foreigners, and telling House Democrats he is now going to blame them for everything. “As shameless as that is, I somehow appreciate that Trump just told us his entire evil plot,” like “a clichéd movie bad buy,” he said. “So now, at this point in the day, we’re like, all right, forget the Democrats and the House, clearly the big news of the day is now going to be Trump and his fiery press conference.” Nope again.

Trump firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions — or saying “‘Rumpelstiltskin’ and the curse was broken” — is “huge news,” Noah said. With Sessions gone, “Trump can appoint a guy he knows for sure will protect his a–” from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, “a guy who could kill the Mueller investigation if he wanted to. And from the looks of it, the guy Trump picked for the job would be more than happy.”

So “let’s face it, the Mueller investigation is in danger,” Noah said, but there’s a bigger concern: “You realize that all of this happened in one day, and one day after the midterms. And this is what freaks me out: For the last two years, that’s been Trump when he’s winning. Now we’re gonna see Trump when he’s losing.” Watch below.

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