Matt Brown Checks Out of Rehab, Vows to Remain Sober

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Back in September, Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown checked himself into rehab after a family intervention.

Now there is some very promising news that is sure to please the entire Brown family.

Matt is out of rehab!

RadarOnline reports that Matt Brown is freshly out of rehab, which he had entered to get a handle on his drinking.

“Matt voluntarily checked himself out of rehab in late October,” reveals an insider close to the Brown family.

“And,” the source shares. “He is continuing outpatient treatment at a nearby facility.”

That is very good to know — sometimes, a relapse right after leaving rehab is a risk.

Outpatient treatments can help provide continued support.

“He is doing really good right now,” the insider says.

“And,” the source elaborates. “He is committed to his sobriety.”

“His family is very proud of him,” the insider adds.

That is no surprise. Sobriety can be difficult to achieve.

The Brown family loves and supports Matt and they know how difficult it can be to overcome a substance abuse issue.

There’s more to leaving rehab than the support of your family — though that, of course, is important.

“Matt has been attending recovery meetings,” the source says.

The insider says that Matt has used these peer groups “and has been working with a sober coach.”

We previously reported that Matt would hire a sober coach, even when he was still in rehab.

A sobriety coach can provide one-on-one assistance that a support group often cannot.

The source says that Matt is doing all of this “as well as going to therapy and counseling to battle his addictions.”

It’s great that Matt is recovering and is on a path to avoid a relapse.

The reason that he (once again) struggled with alcohol abuse was, as is usually the case, self-medication.

It was explained that he started drinking as a “way to deal with his mother Ami’s cancer diagnosis.”

There were times last year when everyone — including the Brown family — believed that Ami would die from lung cancer.

The odds were stacked against her, but she defied all expectations.

But the stress of her cancer battle — and the health scares that followed — exacted a toll on her loved ones, including Matt.

As we previously reported, Matt Brown was feeling “ready to leave” after only a few weeks of rehab.

“Matt thinks that he is ready to leave after 30 days and everyone is urging him to stay in,” a worried source revealed …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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