Bill Cosby Furiously Compares #MeToo to Literal Terrorists

Bill Cosby in a Suit

Bill Cosby has been sentenced to prison. A lot of people enjoy that knowledge even more than they enjoy stories of him getting slapped with an airborne chicken patty.

But Cosby himself apparently feels that this is a huge injustice, that he’s somehow a victim.

A report says that he has compared the women of the #MeToo movement to literal terrorists.

RadarOnline reports that Bill Cosby believes that he, not the 60 women who accuse him of the unspeakable, is the real victim here.

According to the inside source, he has likened the accusations against him and his own prosecution to a “terrorist attack.”

He even has a particular terrorist group in mind.

On September 25, after the prosecution’s final expert witnesses had spoken, Cosby reportedly uttered a comment.

“These women make ISIS look like nuns,” Cosby reportedly said.

That refers, of course, to the preferred name of Daesh, a terrorist organization that has dealt death, suffering, and desecration across Iraq and Syria.

Cosby was apparently also irate with his legal team.

“He wasn’t happy whatsoever,” the insider reports.

“He wasn’t happy that his team didn’t put up character witnesses,” the source claims.

The insider also states: “He wasn’t happy that his defense dropped the bomb that accused the prosecution of doctoring a tape after he was sentenced.”

(That may have been part of a valid legal strategy of avoiding alienating the court, and conspiracy theories about prosecutors tend to piss off judges)

Says the source on Cosby: “I’ve never seen him so mad.”

Allegedly, Cosby was so peeved during the trial that he wanted to lash out with violence against all of the people he blamed for his predicament.

“Mr. Cosby said he’d ‘whack them with his cane’ …” the insider claims.

The source does note that he would only do that “if he ‘could see them.’”

Cosby is said to be legally blind, though some believe that this may have been played up as a ploy for sympathy.

“He was worried that if he tried tossing his cane,” the insider reveals. “He’s accidentally slap the judge rather than his target,”

“And,” the source states. “That definitely wasn’t worth the risk.”

Now this is where the report begins to stretch one’s beliefs.

Cosby allegedly believes that he should “band together” with Harvey Weinstein and others.

He allegedly sees him and the other men accused of vile sex crimes as “the real #MeToo victims.”

He reportedly referred to the actions of the #MeToo movement as being “severe enough …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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