This $900 smartphone with five camera lenses proves that more is actually better

LG V40 ThinQ Smartphone

If a company wants to release a smartphone towards the end of the year, it had better have something special to stand out among the slew of new smartphones that are typically announced in October.

This month we’re expecting new devices from OnePlus and Google, two phone makers that consistently put out superb devices that are nearly impossible to beat. If the wise are looking for a new smartphone around this time of year, they would usually wait to see what OnePlus and Google have conjured up.

So, what does the new LG V40 “ThinQ” have that could tempt the end-of-year smartphone buyer?

Five cameras. Three in the rear, and two in the front. Normally, phones have two, maybe three cameras total.

I hope this revelation doesn’t come across as anti-climactic. LG has done a great thing with the cameras in the LG V40, and it’s a good reason to strongly consider LG’s newest smartphone over those from OnePlus and Google, which aren’t likely to have the versatility that the LG V40 has, at least with their cameras.

Check out the LG V40 “ThinQ” and its five cameras:

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The LG V40 is a beautiful device

The LG V40 is closer than most Android smartphones in achieving the edge-to-edge screen design of the iPhone X. I’m not applauding LG for getting closer to an iPhone design, but I am applauding it for reducing the noticeable size of the bezels surrounding the display.

And it has one the largest and best displays on any smartphone while staying slim and compact for its screen size

The V40’s 6.4-inch display is the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s, and yet it’s a noticeably smaller phone.

It’s also an OLED display like the Galaxy Note 9’s, which means the best display experience possible at the moment. You get those total blacks, deep and rich colors, and gorgeous contrast that normal LCD displays can’t match.

The glass back of the blue model I’ve been using is actually nicer than most glass backs on other phones

The glass back on the LG V40 is somehow smoother than most other glass backs on smartphones. The blue model I’ve been using has a depth and richness that you’d usually only see on …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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