Nike just opened a brand-new store that could change sneaker-buying forever (NKE)

Nike by Melrose

Nike just opened a new store, called Nike by Melrose, in Los Angeles.
It’s the first Nike Live concept store, which seeks to maximize speed and convenience by combining digital offerings with a 4,000-square-foot physical retail location.
Digital has been a huge focus for Nike recently as it continues to boost its offerings. The brand’s online sales rose by 41% in its most recent quarter.

Nike by Melrose is open for business.

It’s the first of the company’s Nike Live concept stores and got its name because it sits literally on Melrose Avenue, in the heart of Los Angeles’ West Hollywood neighborhood.

The “by Melrose” name also comes into play because the store is filled with products that local customers frequently purchase.

“There’s a double entendre there that I love,” Heidi O’Neill, president of Nike’s direct-to-customer business, said to Business Insider.

Nike uses data from online purchases to inform the product the store stocks, turning it into a representation of favorites of customers in the area. Much of this information was gleaned from customers using Nike’s online services, whether they were shopping on or were members of Nike Plus.

For example, Los Angeles-based customers buy a lot of the Nike Cortez, a retro-styled, low-cut sneaker. Nike knows that from observing their shopping habits, and so it can then stock more of the shoe in more colors and feature it prominently.

The store is stocked with products in categories like lifestyle and running, which are two of Nike’s most popular, and is predominantly focused on serving customers who care about both style and fitness. The store stocks both men’s and women’s products but allows for variation based on each gender’s preferred styles.

A digital, 21st-century store

That marriage of digital prowess and physical store experience is the hallmark of Nike Live stores.

“This much more represents how consumers are thinking about shopping. They don’t put the wall up between physical and digital,” O’Neill said.

Customers can use the Nike retail app to scan products’ bar codes and find out more information about them, including the sizes and colors the store has in stock.

Another first for the brand: much of the store’s stock — including 25% of its footwear — will refresh every two weeks, bringing in items that are new, popular, and sometimes completely unique to the store. That’s three times faster than a typical store refresh.

The back half of the store will not rotate and will instead …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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